JALI J. RODRIGUEZ - Cinematographer, Camera Operator, Gaffer, Sound Technician.

Jali Rodriguez is an Indigenous young man from the Bundjalung people. He grew up in the Northern Rivers, the tropical far north N.S.W, He came from a artistic and musical family. He is the youngest of twelve siblings. His mother and father were both well known painters and musicians in their respected community. Growing up he was always motivated by his parents and siblings to grow his creativity, he started painting and playing music at a very young age, selling one of his first oil panting's to Southern Cross University at age 8. And singing at the Sydney Opera House at age 10. The passion for artistry grew into many area's. But the driving passion for Film and Photography has always been his biggest motivator, and "The depth that oneself can explore in this medium." His goal is to become known as a creative, and hard working cinematographer.