SHAUN LISTER - Cinematographer, Editor, Sound Mixer

Dilemma Directed by: Shaun Lister Written by: Shaun Lister

Uploaded by Lotus Production House on 2018-06-24. Filmed by: Teko Win- Win - Edited : by Shaun Lister -Music - Rogyr Jane

Shaun Lister was born and raised in New Zealand and moved and travel with his Mother and older Brother since he was 9 years old, he then studied and lived in South Korea, Brunei and then Australia, his love of storytelling came from his family as they would all share stories around the dinner table when he was younger, and as Shaun grew up he had difficulties telling these story in a written form as he battled with a severe case of dyslexia, so on the discovery of film Shaun realised he could tell his storeys visually and that's where the love of film bloomed.

In efforts to pursue his love for film Shaun join the media club in his high school, where he filmed the school's productions like, (The Wizard of Oz) and (Charlie and The Chocolate Factory), soon Shaun volunteered  to help the Borneo wildlife association to film a documentary to save the proboscis monkeys and to create a sanctuary for them, Shaun then realised that films don't have to just be entertaining but can be used to get a point across and to change people’s minds about a certain topic.

Shaun then travel to Australia to study at the New York Film Academy in Gold Coast where he meets with other filmmakers and produced 5 films, two of which will go into film festivals, "Zahra" and "Dilemma"