Here are some of our recent works

There is only you and your camera. The limitations in the photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are
— Ernst Haans

Roller girl


Staring : Madison Quail
Directed by : Bilal Abdallah
Produced by: Berry Salem
DOP : Bowen Hopper
Camera Operator Bowen
First AD : Youssef Abdelhamid
Behind the scenes: Youssef Abdelhamid
Edited by : Joe Guilar

Enlighten Main poster.jpg


Enlighten is about sustainability and tourism, an element of sustainability often overlooked is community. Acknowledgment of our history and how we can support our people, land and industries by coming together starts here - in the Mt Warning Caldera. The story also links Kakadu, Arnemland

Starring: Jida Gulpilil - Matthew Wilson -Jasen Pankhurst

Producer and Director: Berry Salem

Original Idea : Jasen Pankhurst

Director of Photography: Bowen Hopper

Camera Operator: Bowen Hopper

Drone Operator : Jayden Pankhurst

Edited by: Bowen Hopper

Executive Producer: Jasen Pankhurst



sound healing.jpg

Sound Healing

The Sound Healing therapy & Didgeridoos are believed to calm and repair the mind as well reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, improve breathing circulation, alleviate aches and pains, strengthen the immune system, and improve the mood of the patient.

Starring : Matthew Wilson.

Director of Photography: Bowen Hopper
Camera Operator: Bowen Hopper
Producer and Director: Berry Salem
Edited by: Bowen Hopper
Executive Producer:Jasen Pankhurst

A promiss poster.jpg

A Promise

A father is desperate to find his lost son. He is aided by his unconventional detective, who he has more in common with than he thought.

Directed and Produced by Berry Salem

Writer Russell Skinner

Danica Boo van Rensburg “The Detective”

Russell Skinner “The Father”

Cinematographer Teko Win Win

Camera Operator Bowen Hopper

Assistant Director Shaun Lister

Editor Bowen Hopper

Editor Shuan Lister

Youssef Abdelhamid Boom /Runner

Matthew Hussey Sound Department

Sound Mixer Jali Jerome Rodriguez

Production company: Lotus Production House

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Parental Responsibility

a troubled teenager Chelsea who is desperately in need of a home after running away from her mother and abusive stepfather. She seeks help from the Housing Department, and to her horror, she is allocated a social worker who is self-absorbed and cares more about her cats and checklists than providing appropriate support.
Chelsea suddenly finds herself placed with a strict Africa woman who cares, however, due to Chelsea past trauma, Chelsea is continuing trying to sabotage the placement and rejects the love shown to her by her foster mother breaking the house rules. How will the foster mother deal with a teenager who is emotionally detached and maintains her sanity? How will the situation unravel with the clash of cultures, and an incompetent social worker in the middle?

Directed and Produced By: Berry Salem
Written by: Antonia Woodward
Antonia Woodward
Kaira Rodgers
Bec Thiele

The Blindfold Poster 5.jpg

The Blindfold


How a boy finds his bravery to prove to his father that he is ready to become a man, and how their relationship will change forever. It may well leave him scarred on his way to manhood

Written and Directed by Vikhyat Narwal

Cinematography and Camera operation by Jali Jerome Rodriguez and Teko Win-Win Mariussen.




Following a young man's struggle with mental health issues and a dangerous obsession with imaginary friends. We find out who is truly lying, who is truly mad, or is it just all in his head?

Written and Directed by Vikhyat Narwal.

Cinematography and Camera operation by Jali Jerome Rodriguez

Cinematography and Camera operation by : Teko Win-Win Mariussen.




A Muslim girl moving to a new country to start her adult life as a free independent woman, struggling to fit in she has to decide where she belongs.

Written & Directed by Shaun Lister

Cinematography and Camera operation by Bowen Hopper

Poster Serendipity (2).jpg



A young women living with an abusive brother and his tortured wife, she's tries to protect her from his wrath but he will not stand for her insolence. When his wife shows her true feelings towards Serendipity's brother thing are thrown into turmoil

Written, Directed by: Jali J. Rodriguez

Cinematography by: Jali J. Rodriguez

Camera Operation by: Teko M Win-Win,

Camera Operation by : Leon Papoutsis

Camera Operation by : Ahmed Rokh

Sleeping alone  (2).jpg

Sleeping Alone

(Music Video)

A young bird, that is bitten by a snake And the child of the forest that comes to save her, but he is to late. So he prepares her for the next journey beyond.

Written and Directed by : Jali J. Rodriguez

Camera Operator by : Teko Mariussen.

Camera Operator by : Shaun Lister

INC. Poster (2).jpg

Dunning Kruger Inc.


Two business men get into a friendly discussion about how much better they are than each other, before long their ego's come into play

Written and Directed by Jali J. Rodriguez

Cinematography by: Vikhyat Narwal.

Camera Operation by : Ahmed Rokh

Perseverance Poster (2).jpg



A young and up and coming fighter get's ready for a title fight, will his preparation be enough to overcome his opponent.

Written and Directed by Jali Rodriguez

Cinematography and Camera operation by Teko M. Win-Win

Going Back 2048.jpg

Going Back 2048


A man's struggle in the crumbling future. And the dangerous plan he has to save his mother from the past, and his lover from the present that is controlled by a all powerful company. He must journey with caution if he plan is to succeed.

Written & Directed by Leon Papoutsis.

Cinematography by Jali Jerome Rodriguez