feature Films


Directed and written by : Brian Vining

A romantic comedy set in a video rental store on the verge of closing. After a video rental store is robbed, the owner installs security cameras store wide. Unbeknown to the staff, he uses the cameras to capture an emerging love story unfold between two of his young employees.

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Home Plate -Feature film

Directed and written by Ken Twohy

A family consisting of three brothers are on the same baseball team coached by their father, with the determination to win a little league championship they try to keep their family together while taking on opposing forces.

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Short Films

Parental Responsibility -

Directed Berry Salem

written by :

a troubled teenager Chelsea who is desperately in need of a home after running away from her mother and abusive stepfather. She seeks help from the Housing Department, and to her horror, she is allocated a social worker who is self-absorbed and cares more about her cats and checklists than providing appropriate support. 
Chelsea suddenly finds herself placed with a strict Africa woman who cares, however, due to Chelsea past trauma, Chelsea is continuing trying to sabotage the placement and rejects the love shown to her by her foster mother breaking the house rules. How will the foster mother deal with a teenager who is emotionally detached and maintains her sanity? How will the situation unravel with the clash of cultures, and an incompetent social worker in the middle?

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