About Us


Growing up, I was intrigued by film. Watching a film was an experience that affected my mind, soul and emotions. Although I loved books, it was films that captivated me. While watching a good film, the emotional nuances created by the actors, scenes, music, lighting, coupled with the productional visuals temporarily removed me from daily life and thrust me into experiences beyond my imagination. 

As I created a career in the business world, it was always films that excited my interests and relieved me from the daily humdrum of the corporate world. One day I decided to begin a new adventure studying acting. Practising the craft of acting enabled me to understand all the crafts that are mastered in creating a film. Along with acting, I dabbled in the creativity of directing, and production. 

While maintaining my business career, I became more immersed in the skilled crafts that were necessary to create films. I began to understand how the unimportant things made films enthralling. A ticking clock, a shadow, a musical note, a closeup of an inanimate object are essential to telling the story while captivating the viewer. 

I founded Lotus Production House, a boutique production company combining creativity with business fundamentals. Captivated by the timelessness of film, stories told through the eye of the lens, the goal of Lotus Production House is to provide the creative guidance along with the right support to independent film productions. Lotus Production House is ready and equipped to produce the artistic, as well as corporate film projects. We specialise in turning visions into film. 

I look forward to hearing about and working with you on your film project. 

Berry Salem - CEO-Founder