BERRY SALEM - Director, Producer, Production Manager.

Behind the scenes Day 1 of Parental Responsibility film , Directed By: Berry Salem Written by: Antoina Woodward Produced by: Lotus Production House

Parental Responsibility Behind the scenes Day 2&3 Directed By: Berry Salem Written by: Antoina Woodward Produced by: Lotus Production House

Behind the Scene Perfect Music Video Part 2

Behind the Scene Perfect Music Video Part 1

Berry Salem is a graduate of New York Film Academy Australia, where she was awarded an outstanding achievement award in 2017. Immersed in the business world, with multiple business-centric degrees from the Australian Academy of Business. Bitten by the performance bug while during a successful business career focused on Human Resources, Ms. Salem left the business world to pursue the craft of acting and production.

Berry Salem is the founder of Lotus Production House, an autonomous production company focused on promoting independent performers, directors, actors and producers. Through Lotus Production House Berry Salem is living her dream of being a part of the acting world while applying her business skills to successfully bring creative projects to completion. 

Born in Egypt, Ms. Salem has an innate desire for knowledge. Through years of study, her business career bloomed along with her desire to perform. Although still auditioning for acting parts herself, she is certified in casting.

Berry Salem is now available to apply both her business aptitude and business knowledge to the creative ideas and careers of others through the independent production company of Lotus Production House, Australia. 

Never one to shy from a challenge, Berry Salem, is ready and able to help ambitious talent enhance their craft in a planned business approach on the road to accomplishment and success. Highly skilled in interpersonal relationships through her business experience as a Human Resources expert, combined with her knowledge in casting, acting, directing and production.

Berry Salem is a rarity in the field of acting, performing and production, able to understand the creative challenges faced by the performer through her own acting experiences as well as the business necessities of a successful project.